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Breath • Move • Engage

Adventum Mental Health Network is proud to partner with Caldwell Arts Academy for the 2020-2021 school year. We are excited to bring our Youth Yoga Lab program to your school!

What Is Adventum Youth Yoga Lab?

Adventum Youth Yoga Lab teaches and equips youth with evidence based mental health tools to help them navigate the stresses of life. We use yoga, mindfulness, meditation, and breathwork as accessible tools to help them self-regulate and co-regulate.

Our program uses the steps Breathe, Move, and Engage to guide children through the process. Our lab is designed for fun and for discovering the benefits of these mental health tools.

Who Is Adventum?

Adventum Mental Health Network is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit in Tyler, TX. We share the powerful mental health tools of running, yoga, mindfulness, meditation, breathwork, and neuroscience to help you navigate the stresses of life through self-regulation. We also believe in the power of community and co-regulation.

Why Teach Kids Yoga?

Youth Yoga Lab: Elementary Age Group

This is a broad age group of children, ages five to ten or eleven. Teaching yoga to children this age is vitally important as it assists them in developing tools or ways to improve their health and well-being. Playing fun games, incorporating thematic stories and using age-appropriate props in a structured class setting provides many benefits to children.

They have opportunities to grow physically as yoga assists in their neuromuscular and core strength development, and increases circulation, hormone function, balance, flexibility, and coordination. Scientific research shows that yoga helps children learn to calm and clear the mind, thereby increasing concentration, focus and attention span. Additional mental benefits include the reduction of stress and anxiety; improvements in creativity and imagination expansion; and growth in the ability to be less reactive and more responsive in their thoughts and actions.

In many schools across the country, yoga and mindfulness programs are a key component in social and emotional learning. Yoga can help children develop a greater sense of self-knowledge, self-worth and confidence.

Youth Yoga Lab: Middle School Age Group

Children in middle school have a strong desire to fit in and to be respected. During these years, children may experience hormonal changes and mood swings. They may be modest and overly concerned about the physical changes they are experiencing in their bodies.

The ever presence of social media has the potential to increase anxiety and stress in children this age and Middle-Schoolers may struggle with self- judgment. In extreme cases, children have been bullied online, with dire consequences. Yoga for children this age should be fun; a time for them to connect with others and to discover common bonds. At this age, children can be taught the proper alignment in poses and be encouraged to make adjustments in the postures.

Teaching breathing techniques and mindfulness allows children this age to learn to self-regulate and able to respond in difficult situations rather than react. The practice of yoga can empower children to make decisions for themselves and to cultivate their own sense of trust. Additionally, they learn to listen and pay attention to the natural intelligence of their own bodies.

Meet Your Teacher

Katie Simpson is a Registered 200 hour Yoga Teacher and a Registered 95 hour Kids Yoga Teacher. She is a former educator of 20 years as a classroom teacher and 15 years as a dyslexia specialist. She is married with three daughters and seven grandchildren. Katie has a generous heart for children and is an extremely gifted teacher.

Meet Your Organizer

Colleen Long is President of Adventum Mental Health Network. She is a Registered 200 hour Yoga Teacher and creator of all things Adventum. Colleen holds an MBA from Belhaven University and has worked in the investment industry for close to 15 years. Colleen and her husband Ted have two boys and live in Tyler, Texas

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