ADVENTUM™ Mindfulness Virtual Triathlon

Saturday, October 31st, 2020

Elevating Mental Health

ADVENTUM™ Mindfulness Virtual Triathlon

A triathlon reimagined, the Adventum™ Mindfulness Triathlon was designed to elevate mental health. Our event creates community, removes barriers, and connects people with resources to help them in their mental health journey.

2 mile walk/run

45 min yoga session

20 min meditation

Breaking Barriers

The Adventum™ Mindfulness Triathlon aims to remove barriers for those hurting in our community. The three barriers we address are:

  • STIGMA: We help remove the stigma towards anxiety and depression. There is no shame in asking for help.
  • NETWORKING: We help simplify the process of finding help. Our event brings together several mental health resources into one location. Help comes in many forms and we want to make it accessible.
  • RESOURCES: Your support helps fund our programs and allows us to spread mental health awareness and education to our community.

What’s Included In The Virtual Event:

Adventum Mindfulness Virtual Triathlon will include pre-recorded sessions of mental health talks along with the yoga and mediation portion of the event. We will have a special Kids Mindfulness Triathlon virtual session as well. The week leading up to the event, we will daily release our exclusive interviews with mental health experts. Topics we will cover are:

  • Youth Mental Health
  • Men’s Mental Health
  • Women’s Mental Health
  • Mental Health for Athletes
  • Yoga and Mental Health
  • Community and Mental Health

On Saturday October 31st, we will release the yoga and mediation sessions for you to enjoy.

All participants will receive a swag bag along with our themed shirt for the event.


You’ll be able to pick up your swag at a local venue prior to the event (location and times TBD). Out of town? That’s ok, we can mail it to you, just shoot us an email and let us know you’ll need your packet mailed.

Adventum Mental Health Network

Adventum Mental Health Network is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit in Tyler, TX. We share the powerful mental health tools of running, yoga, mindfulness, meditation, breathwork, and neuroscience to help you navigate the stresses of life through self-regulation. We also believe in the power of community and co-regulation.

The Connection Card

We are excited to present our Be The One Connection Card as our mental health co-regulation tool. Each participant who registers for our event will receive this card in their swag bag. We want to help open the doors of communication surrounding mental health. Our Be The One Connection Card offers hope and safety.

The card will help you build your support system and will help remove the stigma around asking for help. We all have an opportunity to be a safe and trusted person for our fellow neighbor. Our Be The One initiative reminds us that you matter and you can make a difference in someone’s life.

This year’s event will help fund our very own Adventum Youth Yoga Lab program.

Our Youth Yoga Lab teaches and equips youth with evidence based mental health tools to help them navigate the stresses of life. We use yoga, mindfulness, meditation, and breathwork as accessible tools to help them self-regulate and co-regulate.

Our program uses the steps Breathe, Move, and Engage to guide them through the process. Our lab is designed for fun and for discovering the benefits of these mental health tools.

We are currently at one school in East Texas. Our goal is to take our program to other schools in the area and beyond. Your support will have an impact on our community and on the future of mental health. Thank you for your support and for joining our efforts to elevate mental health!

Past Triathlons


Almost 200 participants


30 local sponsors with 21 sponsor booths of resources for mental health


$5,400 donated to Bethesda Health Clinic to help fund their mental health program


Sponsors saw increase in business due to exposure from our event


10 new cities across the country requested our event

“This event seriously changed my life and how I view people and myself. I had no idea it would have such an impact on me but I’m so glad it did. Most of us will experience tough times in life (Health issues, death of a loved one, relationships, childhood issues, abuse…) and it’s so easy to feel alone in those dark places. This event promotes everyone to be authentically heard and know that we all can learn from each other. This event will equip you with tools & methods to regain your mental and emotional clarity if you ever find yourself in a tough place! I encourage everyone to sign up!”

Emily Osburn

“The Mindfulness Triathlon has 100% been our best return on investment for our marketing dollars spent. We were late to join the party but Colleen was nice enough to let us slide in as a lower level sponsor for the event at the very last minute. Even with less exposure than the major sponsors, Spectrum Laser Aesthetics experienced a gross revenue of twenty times our minimal investment to be a part of the Triathlon. We were able to access and build lasting relationships with a market that we would have never imagined to exist. We are so excited to be an even bigger sponsor this coming event and for the foreseeable future.“

Bryce Fisher, Owner and Founder of Spectrum Laser Aesthetics


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