ADVENTUM™ Mindfulness Triathlon

Saturday, October 31st, 2020









Who is Adventum?

Adventum Mental Health Network is a local 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that elevates mental health by building a community, raising awareness, and connecting people with resources to facilitate their mental health journey. We explore the benefits of yoga, mindfulness, meditation, breathwork, and neuroscience to empower others towards self-regulation and co-regulation. Our programs include Adventum Youth Yoga Lab, Adventum Allostasis, Be The One Connection Card, and our annual Adventum Mindfulness Triathlon.

Elevating Mental Health

ADVENTUM™ Mindfulness Triathlon

A triathlon reimagined, the Adventum™ Mindfulness Triathlon was designed to elevate mental health. Our event creates community, removes barriers, and connects people with resources to help them in their mental health journey.

2 mile walk image

2 mile walk/run

45 min yoga session

20 minute meditation

20 min meditation